soul center sampler

Give yourself the gift of serenity and wellness. Try the Soul Center Sampler today! Select 3 different treatments below for only $275.

Chakrassage: Oils overlaid with crystals on the 7 chakra points enhance gentle massage and Reiki. This profoundly spiritual and relaxing combination is perfect for stress release.

Deep Tissue: Eases chronic muscle tension and pain caused by injury or overuse. Deep pressure and friction applied to the muscle breaks down the adhesions and restores muscle to normal movement and relieves pain.

Access Consciousness Bars: 32 points on the head contain a lifetime of accumulated thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions. Gentle touch will release these barriers, this is an opportunity to let go of everything!

Craniosacral: Using gentle touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. Light touches and holding of the client’s spine and pelvis. This manipulation regulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid and aids in relaxing the central nervous system. You are fully clothed for this treatment.

Rebirthing (counts as 2): In a 30-50 minute session, issues are explored to over come. This is followed by a conscious breathing session. Learn how to consciously connect your breath, breathing is full and relaxed to find your own rhythm and overcome traumas and anxieties.

Reiki: The “laying on of hands” is based on the unseen life force energy flowing through us. Low life force energy contributes to illness and stress. Experience high life force energy for a healthy, happy life.

All sessions are one hour except for Rebirthing which is 2 hours and counts as 2 choices. Coupons are good for six months from issue date, are non-transferable, and must be presented at time of session.


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