conscious, connected breathing

In a conscious, connected breathing session the client will first explore issues to overcome during the first 30-60 minute period. This is followed by a conscious breathing session for another 50-60 minutes. Breathing is full and relaxed, you will learn how to consciously connect your breath, and find your own rhythm. Integrate your past experiences into your life to gain acceptance, peace and harmony.

Benefits of Conscious, Connected Breathing include:

  • 70% increased intake of oxygen
  • Gaining new perspective on life
  • Learn to relax more deeply
  • Increase confidence
  • Eliminate toxins and stress through your breath
  • Replace worries and fears with oxygen, love and joy

Become who you want to be, the possibilities feel endless as you move stagnant energy stuck in your body. Pain and disease melt away when this becomes a frequent addition to your life-style.


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