Nutrition Seminar & Tasting



Sick, Tired, Overweight?
Learn to regain your health with REAL FOOD!

Next Workshop: Saturday, June 30th, 2:00 – 5:00pm



Lu Branigan knows first hand the healing power of real food. Developing 3 autoimmune diseases by the time she turned 40 propelled her to change her lifestyle and return to her roots… and vegetables! Now, symptom free, she is inspired to share her experience and knowledge so that others may benefit. Lu is a retired math teacher but has not retired from continuing education! She is currently pursuing a board certification as a Holistic Nutrition Consultant where she draws on current up–to–date research to explain the impact that REAL FOOD has on our bodies and minds.

Join Us and Learn About:

• Epidemic of Chronic Disease – How did we get here?
• BIG Food Industry and Food Addiction
• Biology of Blood Sugar – Beginnings of Inflammation
• Real Food Solutions
• Tips, Strategies and Recipe Suggestions

Sample Some Tasty Bites Including:

• Plantain pancakes with tahini and berries
• Healing bone broths
• Warm Salmon potato salad
• Curried chicken salad wraps
• Almond butter truffles

Space is limited, cost is $30.00 to attend.


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