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Michelle Levinski, Owner, Bodyworker: Originally from Minnesota and raised on a dairy farm, Michelle studied fine arts in college. She moved to the east coast to do graduate studies in weaving at Tyler School of Art.

After experiencing many different types of bodywork, and healing the aches and pains of life, Michelle decided to study massage therapy. In 2000 she became a massage therapist and has been working with people ever since.  Bodywork is the form of art that has become her passion. After working for a number of chiropractors and Blue Body and Home in Jenkintown, Michelle decided to open her own studio.

Soul Center Massage and Bodywork is a culmination of her life’s work. It is a Center that includes retail items hand made by local artists, and an environment where other healing practitioners can share space and inspire learning and healing for the whole community.

Pamela Koening, Bodyworker: Born and raised in Bucks County, Pamela studied fine arts with a passion for drawing and painting. In her down time she enjoys anything and everything dealing with yoga, meditation, music, and creative expression.

Pamela discovered the International School of Shiatsu while she was caring for her father who dealt with Parkinson’s disease.  Emotionally, mentally, and physically strained, she could not be touched without feeling excruciating pain and was beyond exhausted. Shiatsu not only gave her the ability to heal her body, mind, and spirit—it also gave her the strength to carry through the process of caring for her Father.

Pamela believes that bodywork is about wellness and that wellness is a harmony between the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our self—creativity at its finest.

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